Flood Defence Grant in Aid Bid – Dickens Heath

Funding Background In June 2013, the government announced the Flood and Coastal Risk Management (FCRM) Grant in Aid (GiA) national funding available for Spending Review 2013 (SR13). In a change to previous annual arrangements, a 6 year funding commitment was given by DEFRA. The agreed funding for flood defences in 2015/16 was identified as £370m, … More Flood Defence Grant in Aid Bid – Dickens Heath

LOWBROOK FARM – Planning Appeal lost

I am naturally disappointed that first Tidbury Green Farm and now Lowbrook Farm has been lost to developers (Gallagher’s) on appeal. There is a lot of history, with both sites being for many years designated as ‘safeguarded’ for possible development. This, I feel, determined the outcomes in the appeals because in the judicial review of … More LOWBROOK FARM – Planning Appeal lost