I was asked to write up my thoughts about development training for councillors following a ‘conversation’ on twitter with Dr. Catherine Needham from Birmingham University  following comments I made when I read the report she co-authored entitled ‘The 21st Century Councillor’ 21st-century-councillor . This is a great read for all councillors, old or new. I do … More BARRIERS TO COUNCILLOR DEVELOPMENT AND TRAINING


Recently Cllr Alex Insley and myself were invited by both Cheswick Green Residents Association and Parish Council to informal talks about Blythe Valley Park (BVP) planning application. As a result we can confirm thoughts and this is in reality a position statement. I have today submitted this statement for consideration by Solihull Planning Department and IM … More BLYTHE VALLEY PARK – My thoughts

TIDBURY GREEN FARM – Planning Application

I have just looked at the application which can be found on the Councils planning portal via this link: There is a lot to go through and I have posted some of the major files/reports that go with the application here: PL_2016_01738_PPRM-BOUNDARY_TREATMENT_LAYOUT-546670PL_2016_01738_PPRM-COVER_LETTER-546194PL_2016_01738_PPRM-ECOLOGICAL_ASSESSMENT-548020PL_2016_01738_PPRM-ECOLOGICAL_REPORT-546109PL_2016_01738_PPRM-LANDSCAPE_MASTERPLAN-546041PL_2016_01738_PPRM-OPEN_SPACE_SKETCH_SCHEME-546044PL_2016_01738_PPRM-PLANNING_STATEMENT-546111PL_2016_01738_PPRM-SITE_LOCATION_PLAN-546107 I will make further comment when I have assessed the application and … More TIDBURY GREEN FARM – Planning Application