Many residents will be aware the Local Development Plan (LDP) has had to be reviewed (see rational for this in my previous post: https://cllrkenhawkins.co.uk/2017/01/19/local-plan-review-2/ . This post relates specifically to the Local Development Plan Review and its affect on both Cheswick Green as a village and within the Cheswick Green Parish Boundary.

One site that is directly within the Cheswick Green Parish Boundary is land ‘South of Dog Kennel Lane’. There is reference to this (Reference 12) citing rationale and likely infrastructure requirements (if this continues to remain in the local plan review) on page 153 of this document:  draft_local_plan_05-12-16

Another site that is partially within the Blythe Ward boundary is site ‘South of Shirley – between Whitlock’s End farm and Dickens Heath Road’. This reference 13 and can be found on page 154 of the same document. Similarly, reference no. 11 relates to the site ‘TRW/The Green (Stratford Road). This site is within the Shirley South ward boundary but has relevance to the neighbouring Dog Kennel Lane site if both move forward for adoption.

Land South of Dog Kennel Lane:

This site was also submitted for consideration within the 2013 LDP so its submission for consideration and acceptance in the proposals draft was not unexpected.


Page 153 of the report indicates the reasons the site was considered and the conditions which council planners would seek to justify its inclusion. These include; retaining a Green Belt buffer between surrounding countryside and Cheswick Green settlement, respecting historic setting of listed building at Light Hall Farm. It also avoids building on the Flood Zones; Retains landscape character to the south of site and the proposed urban extension would sit in valley of site and be less visually prominent. The report does go on to explain the likely infrastructure requirements needed. These include; Integrating new highway with proposed development at West of Dickens Heath on B4102 and Dog Kennel Lane; Possible capacity enhancement to A34; Pedestrian and cycling connectivity enhancements to Shirley South, especially Tanworth Lane and integration with proposed residential development at TRW/The Green site. There will be increased primary & secondary school provision, with provision of play area and open space being essential; Bus service improvements, as well as to local healthcare facilities. This list should not be considered final.


You may realise there will be synergy between the TRW site and the ‘South of Shirley’ site. If each site does move forward to be considered for adoption within the boroughs final draft submission then the cumulative number of homes will certainly bring about the need for a new two form entry primary school within the sites themselves. The provision of health care facilities is not so certain (due to NHS commissioning arrangements), but I feel the need for a new health centre will be evidenced and appropriate. In this respect there will be a benefit for existing residents of nearby Cheswick Green and Shirley.

How does this affect Cheswick Green Village?

As mentioned previously, the site does not lie within the Villager itself but is within the Parish Boundary. It might therefore be the case that if all the development is within the Dog Kennel Lane side of the site, and that an open green public space/buffer is created between the development and existing homes in Cheswick Green, no new roads into the village will be established. It must be highlighted though traffic pressure on drivers who use Tanworth Lane towards Shirley. Therefore attention to the junctions at Tanworth Lane/Dickens Heath Road area is vital. Here I repeat the likely need for ‘Integrating new highway with proposed development at West of Dickens Heath on B4102 and Dog Kennel Lane’ as mentioned above.

The devil will always be in the detail.

What can residents of Cheswick Green do?

Responding to the consultation is important. If you have a view – air it. You may take the view that no development is necessary or that a specific site is inappropriate. These views will be considered and the planning inspectorate will take these into consideration when he/she makes final recommendations.

You may take the view that IF a specific development is likely to be adopted then conditions should be stipulated. Here I refer back to the ‘likely infrastructure requirements’ as identified by the council development officers. This list should not be considered to be a final one; is there anything else that you feel should be added/considered?

The link to the council consultation itself can be found on the council website here: http://www.solihull.gov.uk/lpr



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