Ambitions for the new Solihull Station Integrated Transport Hub have been set out

Solihull Council has published a new project update, setting out some of the key ambitions for Solihull train station.

The station links Solihull town centre to key destinations such as Birmingham and London. However the current station, built in 1938, is approaching the limit of its operating capacity. Network Rail has predicted significant future growth in passenger numbers and something needs to be done to accommodate this future demand and allow the station to continue with its role as the principal gateway into Solihull Town Centre.

Over the course of a three week long engagement exercise last summer, station users were asked to complete an online questionnaire about the current facilities and their use of the station.

The video link below is well worth visiting: You can also view other major projects ongoing in UK Central via the website:

The project team had hoped to hold a series of update sessions to feedback their findings from the survey and look at the next phase of this project. However, given the current situation, the project team have filmed a video update which outlines some of the highlights from the survey and shows how they have been used to help shape a number of key project ambitions.

Key themes from the survey response included; the need for better station facilities such as enhanced ticketing facilities, more seating and improved waiting areas and more food and beverage options.

Passengers also identified current issues surrounding road layout and connectivity including; the confusing pick up and drop off arrangement for cars, unwelcoming walking routes to the station, inadequate provision for cyclists and congestion outside the station caused by cars, busses and taxis.

The look of the station and its surrounding alongside environmental considerations were also mentioned, with many asking for more opportunities to enjoy trees and wild flowers.

With this feedback the project team have been working closely with Network Rail, Transport for West Midlands, Chiltern Railways and other partners to develop a project brief to identify options for the development of an integrated transport hub.

A series of key project ambitions have been identified which will pave the way for a station which will be suitable for the needs of people today and provide access for all while, tackling the congestion currently experienced.

These key ambitions include:

  • A  new landmark building reflecting the character of Solihull, with improved facilities at the station addressing problems currently experienced, such as long queuing times.
  • A larger, modernised station ticket hall.
  • A new multi-modal interchange prioritising walking, cycling and public transport to provide, safe and enjoyable transition between different modes of transport.
  • A hub that improves regional connectivity and one that looks to the future
  • A design with sustainability and the environment at the core of the proposals.
  • A design that celebrates Solihull’s heritage and vibrancy with new public spaces designed for all.

Using funding secured from the West Midlands Combined Authority, the Council has commissioned Mott MacDonald to help develop the Solihull Station Integrated Transport Hub. They will also assist in developing the design and business case for the Hub and delivering a masterplan for the station area.

This initiative is a key part of the wider Solihull Connected transport programme being overseen by the Council’s UK Central team and follows on from the successful Town Centre Approach project.

Member of the public are encouraged to email to share any thoughts or feedback. Alternatively they can write to; Solihull Transport Hub, Intervention Architecture Ltd, Unit 12 ArtHaus, 80-82 Floodgate Street, Birmingham, B5 5SR.

One thought on “SOLIHULL STATION

  1. I have viewed the web link Ken provided and watched the video update. Curiously their plan does NOT include a location move to Monkspath Hall Road. The Passenger Survey in July 2019 had 500 responses; a “drop in the ocean” when Network rail report two million users. The video refers to 32% growth in passengers 2012-2017. Hardly impressive when we are now in 2020 and as we all know – except the UKCentral team – everything has changed with the pandemic and the likely consequences. Notably the significant drop in office users in the town centre; yes, this may be short term. How many people come to shop in the town centre by train; very few I would suggest? Peak times I have seen are dominated by students, to the College and 6th Form College. NO design plan is shown, so any comments are NOT on the design, rather the parameters or needs for a station. What are ‘public spaces to enjoy’ when this is transport hub? Network Rail own the station, I trust they will pay for any improvements and not SMBC taxpayers. In my opinion the improvements made now two (?) years ago missed the opportunity to prepare for a hub; with a better laid out bus exchange. Note the station has two platforms, one is derelict and overgrown – what use will be made of that?

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