Environmental Champions

The latest (Spring) newsletter from the ‘Champions’ Co-ordinator is attached. Champions newsletter Spring 11 There is some really fantastic work being done by the volunteers and officers from the Places Directorate of the Council. I have also attached the schedule of tasks the team undertook in the borough during 2010. ENVIRONMENTAL CHAMPION COMPLETED PROJECTS – Jan 2010 to December 2010    If you want to join us please contact Trish Willetts at SMBC (tel. 704 6534). I undertake ‘Champions’ duties in Blythe ward and am in awe of those who volunteer to serve throughout the borough. One word of warning though – if Trish asks you to get into a brook to widen it (see picture on newsletter) make sure that the waders she provides you with do not have a big leak in them!

Further to the above, the council has planted a lot of trees in the borough since winter and the lack of rain is threatening them. If you live near a ‘new’ tree feel free to water it. A list of trees planted in the borough since winter is also attached. Copy of TREE PLANTING 2010-2011 winter

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