Golf Academy and Residential Development?

Planning application 2011/403 relates to an application by Shirley Golf Club to develop a golf academy, road access and residential development. The detailed application can be found via: I have written to several residents in Creynolds Lane seeking their views about the application. I have concerns about more building in greenbelt land, especially that by another Solihull golf club. I will try to find out more detail, especially the number and type of houses/accommodation. The attached photographs show the land in question (which I have deduced from the on-line planning application). I seek the views of interested parties.

3 thoughts on “Golf Academy and Residential Development?

  1. I am writing about my concern of the ever developing blythe ward! It wouldappear that Solihull council seem intent on filling in monkspath cheswick green hockley heath blythe valley and dickens heath into one large concrete jungle!! This was at one time around earlswood a very country area with beautiful walks and surrounding fields, now it seems we are to be encroached upon again with yet another build of 220 home to say nothing of builds from cheswick up to blythe valley. The traffic in this area esdpecially tanworth lane has increased immensely in the last 10 years mainly due to traffic from dickens heath, which is still unfinished!! These fields around Mount Dairy farm are green belt and should not be built on unless the intention is to join all housing estates together? The old oak trees, wildlife that are all within these fields will be lost, do they actually realise how much of these fields is actually bog land…far more than is suggested in the reports! Exiting onto tanworth lane will be so dangerous, bus routes now do not come along tanworth lane as suggested but go straight into so much more traffic will be encountered along an already v busy route, These cannot surely be called villages anymore and is too large to be included within the cheswick green settlement. These gaps between villages are important for local people to be able to connect via public footpaths through open fields not along main roads, to walk children/dogs etc. Without the worry of traffic flying past! Mount Dairy farm is important as an ecological site which used to house the old Victorian pleasure gardens why spoil all this for the sake of yet another not needed housing estate, especially yet again on this side of Solihull, we have already had enough of our countryside used up on building!!

    1. Thank you for taking the time to post your comment. I suppose I am one of those to blame: I moved to Monkspath 30 years ago and live in a house that used to be farmland- as most residents of Cheswick Green did.

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