SMBC Scrutiny of High Speed 2

As a member of the councils Overview and Scrutiny Management Board (OSMB) I took part in an all day scrutiny of the proposals for HS2. We took evidence form a range of groups and the papers for the meeting can be accessed here:

Our recommendations to the council’s Cabinet and Full Council are: that the Council: –

a)     Supports the HS2 proposal proceeding to its next stage subject to continuing dialogue with the DfT and HS2 Ltd to explore further the need for HS2; and, based on the “Key Requirements” set out in para 1.3.17 of the report of the Director of Places (and as attached to these minutes), to gain a clearer and detailed understanding of the potential local benefits and impacts and to secure appropriate measures which ensure their respective delivery and mitigation,

b)    Requires that a full consultation be carried out by DfT/HS2 Ltd on the Environmental Impact Assessment, to be produced by DfT/HS2 Ltd in due course, and on the Blight Compensation Scheme options, should the Government agree to pursue HS2 following this consultation, and

c)     Seeks confirmation that the design, construction & operation of HS2 will not incur any additional local burden on Solihull Council tax payer”

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