Speed Limit Review – Solihull

The links explain the rational for the speed limit review of roads within the borough. This post relates to roads in Blythe ward but all the borough’s roads subject to a review can be found within the documents. I support the review and re-classification of roads in Blythe ward, where mainly unrestricted roads (60mph zones) were recommended to be reclassified at lower speeds (eg. 40mph in most case). This is certainly excellent news for residents who reside within the 60mph stretch of Tilehouse Lane, Tidbury Green who asked me to find out if that bit of road can be made safer (see post 25 June 2011).  List of roads reviewed with commentary: Highways Speed surveyDanaInfo=www.solihull.gov.uk+att25951

I am all for taking credit where it is due but you will see from the report that the report went before the Cabinet Member for Transport and Highways last September (2010) and therefore wheel are already in motion (sorry for pun). It just shows that this is where social media would have been very useful in getting information out to residents about issues in their area. See report here: http://www.solihull.gov.uk/akssolihull/images/att26014.pdf

All this will cost some money, so there will be priorities as to what roads will be done first; there has to be formal/statutory consultation and establishing of regulations. I shall urge our officers to tackle the roads in Blythe Ward as soon as they can.

Please feel free to make any comments.

3 thoughts on “Speed Limit Review – Solihull

  1. Hi Carrie.

    I appreciate other areas neighbouring Tidbury Green may want to have the speed limit on their roads re-classified and you make a good point about Solihull Council working with neighburs. I will liaise with our highway’s officers to ensure our neighbouring councils are informed of our speed limit reviews.

  2. Hiya Ken,

    Many thanks for the response it just seems so obvious and would help with a bit of consistency and lack of confusion for drivers.

    Thank you for your time


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