FOOD WASTE RECYCLING- Is there interest in Solihull?

I chair the council’s Neighbourhood Services Scrutiny Board (NSSB), which scrutinises a wide range of services delivered by the council. Waste and recycling is one of the areas were look at and yesterday I joined a handful of fellow councillors and visited Wolverhampton Council to look at how they collect food waste. I was impressed at the set up and we were also taken to see how the waste ends up at their Anaerobic Digestion plant just over the border in Staffordshire.

At this weeks NSSB we have a briefing item on Food Waste (see . The board has previous recognised supporting Home Composting and the ‘Love Food, Less Waste’ campaign. However, what are your thoughts? Do not be afraid to comment on this website. Alternatively, have a go at the poll – this is the first one I have done (so hope it works).

One thought on “FOOD WASTE RECYCLING- Is there interest in Solihull?

  1. I think this would be a great idea because all other councils which recycle food waste their recycling rates are higher than ours. My aunts house is in Stratford council district and they put food waste in their green bin, its a great idea, i think you should make it so we put it in our green bin and its collected every fortnight including winter etc because normally green bins aren’t collected in winter. This will be a great idea and will boost solihulls recycling rates. Please make this happen, also a caddy is good but you would need to do a consultation to see weather people want to put it in caddys or green bin. Using existing recycling bins would save money. PS voting poll is great

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