Hillfield Park – Saturday Walkabout

I am taking part in a ‘Local Councillor Shadowing Award’ where young people shadow a local councillor and undertake activities contributing towards their award. There are seven young people taking part in the first pilot group in Solihull and a year 10 student at Tudor Grange has been assigned to me. Luke is very interested in the environment and we undertook a ‘ward walk’ last Saturday examining the environment of Hillfield Park, Monkspath, which is naturally in my ward.

It was great being with Luke because it made me open my eye’s more than I normally did. For instance, Luke was able to point out areas where he had identified litter, graffiti and other issues. I took several photographs and wil post them here as soon as some gremlins in the system have been sorted. Hillfield Park is an absolutely fantastic park but we must ensure litter etc is tackled as early as possible. I will update you as to how Luke is progressing during his Award. He has to complete a minimum of ten hours shadowing me. I did hope that a few hours could have been devoted to sorting my garden out but the award does not allow for that!

2 thoughts on “Hillfield Park – Saturday Walkabout

  1. No one can check the mrbmees register of interests anymore, the council removed this from the web Am I right in saying that to get access to that information a member of the public must submit a written request to the council. I wonder what they have to hide?What silly question

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