A bit more litter in Monkspath area

Monkspath is a great place to live in – I moved here over 28 years ago! It is clean and usually free of litter and graffiti and for this and the previous post I have had to go out of my way a little bit to find the litter. However, it is there if you look. In the sideshow (which I hope works as it is the first time I have used one on this website) you will see litter on the public footpath running from the bottom of Elmdbridge Drive to the rea of Tesco’s superstore. There is a problem with the amount of bags and other debris from the store, petrol station and the nearby McDonalds being strewn on the footpath by youths who walk through a gap in the fence at the petrol station. We are working with Tesco’s, asking them to erect a fence similar to that used on the other side by the Spire office site.

Other views of litter is of the hedgerow between the footpath and the main A45, just down from the petrol station. Also included is a few images of the grassed area between Tesco’s and McDonalds.

Please note: I do not show these images to name and shame, merely to point out that I have noticed the litter and help to show the state and location so that the council, Tesco’s and McDonalds can take action.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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