I took a walk through Blythe Valley Country Park this cold morning. To have this fantastic park in my ward, and on my doorstep, is fantastic, it is a wonderful place to visit – anytime of the year. There is a wealth of wildlife to be observed and a hide/shelter to allow you observe any birds under cover.

If you need to drive to the location you may park free by the Blythe Valley Management Offices (get free parking permit first) or do what I sometime do; park on the Notcutts Car Park and cross the road. Why not pop into Notcutts for a tea/coffee afterwards.

The country park is not  very well known, so get down there and spread the word.

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  1. Hi there are you aware that any day we will be loseing most of the country park as we’re getting 600 new houses instead so not much point in encourageing people to go there sadly .regards Julie

    1. Thank you for the comment. However, a few points: The houses will not be any day soon and the original plan for the business park anticipated lots more of the big businesses comming on Blythe Valley. With a mixture of houses/commercial it should loo a far nicer place to live, work and visit. I feel it also important to point out (please correct me if I am wrong) – there was not a Country Park before the business park and one of the benefits of allowing development was to create such a wonderful local nature reserve. Any new development will only add to the value to make it even better.

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