Provision of Traveller Sites

SMBC’s Cabinet is meeting this evening (6pm in the Civic Suite) and item 9 on the agenda relates to ‘The Solihull LDF Gypsy and Traveller Site Allocations Development Plan Preferred Options’ – link to agenda papers:

I have been liaising with residents and Cheswick Green Parish Council about the sites off Salter Street for quite a while a submitted representations to the Planning Inspectorate in respect of the Councils decisions to halt further unauthorised development on the site known as ‘Land off Slater Street’. There is another site next to this one called ‘Canal View’

I have submitted a letter to Cabinet and this will be shared with all members of the Cabinet at this evenings meeting. I have also shared it with Ward and Parish Councillors. The letter is self explanatory and asks Cabinet to not allow any further expansion in ‘Canal View’ because local need is provided in the provision of making an unauthosirsed site in nearby Dickens Heath Road an authorised site.

I am unable to present my report verbally because of Mayoral duties but this will not detract from the message. My letter is attached: Letter to Cabinet

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