MONKSPATH HALL RD – Crossing consultation

I do know I will get a bit of stick from some friends about another obstruction in the way of vehicles but they will understand the rationale of my request for a crossing facility to be situated at the top of Monkspath Hall Road, near to the Fieldhouse Pub. This has nothing to do with me going to the pub on Monday evenings either I might add!

Seriously, I have been a governor at Monkspath Junior and Infant School for some 23 years and we have been asking for either a pathway down Monkspath Hall Road (to save children from actually crossing the highway) or some sort of crossing facility. There are some 90+ children who live in the Hillfields area and attend Monkspath J&I School, with some having to cross both Widney Lane and Monkspath Hall Road at ver busy times of the day. It appears a pathway has been ruled out – basically not enough space on the grassed area near the top of Monkspath Hall Rd. So, we are left with just one option – a Toucan Crossing.

I have attached a document and plan of the proposals and please respond to the consultation if you have a view. I doubt there is a school in Solihull where as many children are expected to cross such big roads.

Monkspath Hall Rd Info Sheet Monkspath Hall Rd Web Consult

2 thoughts on “MONKSPATH HALL RD – Crossing consultation

  1. Essentially I think this is a sound proposal. Not only will it make the situation safer for pedestrians but will also move the bus stop further away from the Hillfield traffic island. The only additional work I would have like to have seen is a pedestrian footpath extended on the left hand side traveling away from Solihull to cover the full length of Monkspath Hall Road between The Hillfield traffic island and the junction into the bottom end of Shelly Crescent. This would provide safer access to the bus stop opposite the entrance road to Hillfield Park and save pedestrians having to cross the road twice when wanting to access Monkspath School, shops etc when walking from Widney Station side of Widney Lane.

    1. (Belated) thanks for the comment Ken. I originally requested a footpath instead of a crossing but there is lack of space where the driveway of houses meets the hedging. This has caused a lot of problems in trying to get round it.

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