Most residents of Tidbury Green will have received a leaflet from agents acting for developers, who propose to build 185 homes on ‘Land off Fulford hall Road’, otherwise known as Tidbury Green Farm.

For those who have not received the leaflet I have downloaded a copy here: Tidbury Green Final Consultation Leaflet (LR)

In addition to the newsletter, are undertaking the following activity:

  • Holding a public exhibition on 4 June (from 3.30pm to 7.30pm) at Earlswood Methodist Church, so it is convenient for people picking up their children from school or on the way home from work/early evening
  • Advertising the exhibition in the Solihull News and sending a press release to the local media
  • Setting up a project website – to go live at the end of this week (to include a downloadable copy of the newsletter).  Copies of the exhibition boards will be available to download from 5 June
  • Encouraging participation in the consultation by providing email, freepost and freephone for responses

I have already expressed my opposition to more development in Blythe Ward, which has its local housing needs identified with over 800 homes planned for in the Local Development Plan (LDP). However, I would value your views, either by telephone, email or you can make comments on this post.

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