At a ward members meeting this morning we were briefed about the Coventry, Solihull, Warwickshire (CSW) Superfast Broadband project.

I have scanned a leaflet that explains a little about the project, it also directs you to their website where more information and a survey is available. The project is to being in May 2014 and run for another 18 months. Essentially, areas such as Dickens Heath will come under the Commercial roll out of the project whilst the more rural Tidbury Green and Cheswick Green will be part of the CSW project. The leaflet can be viewed here: IMG

How might it affect you?

Many residents in the rural part of Blythe ward do not have cable broadband, or if it is then it is of poor standard. What CSW would like from you is to complete a survey on their website. They need to know the demand in each area to ensure the areas where there is demand is prioritised (yes, they do know the irony of submitting an on-line survey about poor Broadband).

Please let me know your thoughts and questions.

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