Cycling in Solihull

I wish to gauge residents, and visitors to Solihull, views on cycling.

I am a keen cyclist myself but, beware the Councillor, or citizen who thinks they know all the answers just because they ride a bike. I also know a lot has been done in the borough in recent years, some by the local authority, some by Solihull Cycling Club (especially the Cycle Circuit in Tudor Grange Park). However, even though there are cut backs to be made, or efficiency savings where appropriate, the cycling agenda is wide reaching. It has an important part to play in helping our young (and older) people adopt healthier lifestyles and maybe it should not be left to the Highways budget to sort out the cycling agenda.

So, here is a very short poll; please engage – if you have read this far you really must:

4 thoughts on “Cycling in Solihull

  1. The facility at Tudor Grange park is amazing for a traffic free facility. It is important therefore to continue investment into this facility for example with a club house etc which will allow better usage for all including people with disabilities. Then the need to expand appropriate cycle paths and lanes through out the Borough. This does not mean painting a line down an already existing pathway and expecting people to comply walking one side riding the other. These don’t work (like in Brueton Park). Neither do cycle lanes that just disappear like on Blossomfield Road – which also has cycle lanes that have to be driven into due to keep left bollards in the roads (buses have to enter the cycle lane). A bit of common sense would channel the money into appropriate useful cycle pathways / roads that would improve safety and therefore also increase participation like in European countries such as Belgium and Holland, where separated cycle pathways are the norm.

  2. Many thanks for your comments Val. I take your point, having cycled into Dickens Heath on many occasions, you have to be on guard when going into Shirley or Solihull.

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