The case of the appearing tarmac verges

Two areas of tarmac have suddenly appeared in Creynolds Lane, Cheswick Green this week. I will refer to them as ‘verges’ but they are small in size, perhaps 6 feet by 6 feet and finished to a good standard; see photographs:

photo 1      photo 2

The photograph on the left shows a tarmac area opposite number 298 Creynolds Lane, and the photograph on the right, opposite number 246. Neither address can be attributed to the tarmac areas I must add – house numbers given to aid location. They are about 200 metres apart.

Who do they belong to, if anyone? Initial enquiries have ruled out Solihull Council works and with no houses on the open side of Creynolds Lane there is no linkage with properties. Access to the fields can also be ruled out because of their location – nowhere near fences.

One suggestion is they are bus stops, but I have not been informed that new bus stops are to be located by Centro, as is the usual custom and practice.

I hope to find out more next week.

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