A Bit of Litter on the Kings Highway, Monkspath

Having shouted out (very loudly) Solihull is such a great place to live (and it is), I am informed of another mass of litter and other debris on the public footpath running from Shelly Lane to Stratford Road. This is an historical footpath, termed in medieval times as the ‘Kings Highway’ (see post from October 2013 for more information: https://cllrkenhawkins.co.uk/2013/10/08/kings-highway-monkspath/ ).

It is a smashing walk and if you cross the main Stratford Road the walk continues through Blythe Valley Country Park. However, we seem to have a frequent dumping of rubbish and litter near to the Tesco petrol station, as the photographs show. The blue items are plastic protective gloves from the petrol station – there seems to hundreds just thrown on the ground.

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The clean-up will happen, either by the council environmental team or volunteers. What must be done though is ensuring Tesco does its bit and erect substantial fencing by the petrol station to prevent people from jumping over onto the footpath. I know I am stereo-typing here but previous litter included empty McDonalds waste so I suspect youths walk through the gaping hole in the fence.

I have informed Mat, the Neighbourhood Co-ordinator and hopefully arrangements will be made for the clean up. I know he has spoken to the manager at Tesco seeking some sort of corporate role for their staff – I shall write to the manager asking for such an environmental response from the company and also seeking the urgent erection of a substantial fence.

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