Griffin Lane, Dickens Heath

This post is mainly for the benefit of residents of Griffin Lane, Dickens Heath, but issues here may be similar to issues in readers areas. I am not stating everything desired can be done; some residents may not be in total agreement, but you can consider the information in this post as a ‘starter for ten’. It is  case that we buy or rent our houses and then as our families grow so do our needs. This post emanated from a few residents contacting me about difficulties of not always being able to park outside their own homes. There are no quick fire solutions, but as the post informs, there are things that might be able to be done to help. I have posted a few photographs of the issue and have scored out the vehicle registration marks – not that any vehicle was incorrectly parked.

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I do know from my own observations parking can be a problem but there is doubt about whether there is sufficient cause for the highway authority to undertake action to enforce a residents only parking regime. Such action has been taken in the borough in recent years where housing is close to Solihull Hospital or Solihull Sixth Form College – these examples saw long term parking by users of the hospital or college in nearby streets. However, I do feel more can be done to at least make the situation a bit more tenable.

 One other issue that has been brought to my attention is the ‘blind’ corner on entering Griffin Lane from Mereways and the ‘blind’ bend further along Griffin Lane when cars are parked on the nearside. These are not too easy to solve but I feel some work could be done to highlight the dangers, perhaps with signage. I am aware that the double yellow lines in Mereways seem to be ignored and I have requested some attention by parking attendants. I do know that some residents park half on the pavement in an effort to make the situation on the road acceptable. However, this then causes problems for people with push chairs. Please be aware that if parking attendants are in the area they may well place a ticket on any vehicle parked on the pavement.

I am writing formally to Dickens Heath Parish Council to make them aware of this issue and will ask them to support residents concerns. I am also asking the management company of the apartments in Mereways to urge tenants to park in the spaces available for them and to show concern for householders in Griffin Lane, highlighting the need for families to park near their own homes.  

Finally, I would like your thoughts on 20 mph zones. Would you feel Mereways and Griffin Lane should be a 20 mph zone? Perhaps other areas as well. This is  no way intended policy but I offer the suggestion as a method of highlighting the importance of road safety and such zones have been proven to help change driver behaviour in residential areas. Please let me know what you think.

One thought on “Griffin Lane, Dickens Heath

  1. Would welcome road calming and speedbumps. Certain residents use this road as a racetrack. I for one, do not want to see a child in hospital or worse. A child in the street pointed out skidmarks on the road where he witnessed a car intentionally skidding around the corner. Details available needed.

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