Shirley Golf Club Planning Application

This has been on-going now since 2011 with the ‘current’ application being registered in July 2013 (application 2013/1126 refers). One of my previous posts about this can be viewed via this link, it has the link to the planning application on it: .

Many people following the application will note it has been coming before the planning committee for some while now. In deed, my previous post had it going before planning committee in June 2014. Now it MAY be going to committee later this month, on Wednesday 29 October; it is still not certain though.

I am having a briefing on the application next week and shall comment on the long delay in getting this application heard. I can only suspect the applicant has been seeking the delay because there are strict time scales local authorities have to adhere to – unless the applicant agrees.

I will let people know when I hear more but please find here my written submission to the planning department. I still oppose this application for the same sound reasons Objection to Shirley Golf Club .

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