Loud Banging Noise – Monkspath/Cheswick Green

Since Monday last (27 Oct) we have heard a loud banging noise in the area. This is coming from Stratford Road (next to The Harvester) where Mar City Developments are building apartments with underground parking. It is probably ironic that to accommodate vehicles the building needed underground parking; this has necessitated the operation of a machine to drive the ‘piles’ into the earth. It is this machine that is making all the noise – see video:

Mar City Developments are acting within the conditions relating to building regulations, this does not mean what has been going on is right; I shall address this over the weekend.
However, I have been in contact with the council’s environment protection officers who have had discussions with the site manager. It is confirmed that they plan to drive 20 more piles tomorrow morning but will finish at lunchtime. Which means there will be no noise from this type of work on Friday afternoon or over the weekend. They have incurred some delays in the work due to the M42 being closed for a major accident yesterday and them not being able to get to site. This means that they will have 3 to 6 piles to drive on Monday morning but this work should be completed by lunchtime.
Those who live very close must be getting pretty sick of the noise but at least we are nearly over it. As I mentioned above, I feel there are learning issues that could be addressed and I will cover that over the weekend.

One thought on “Loud Banging Noise – Monkspath/Cheswick Green

  1. Absolutely disgusted by this, no prior consultation and yet such disruption caused!!! How can it be right that I have to put up with this noise, all the way over the other side of monkspath!!
    – especially as it was over half term!!!!!! Disgusting.

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