Creynolds Lane – planning application

An interesting application has been made to demolish 264 Creynolds Lane and replace it with three dwellings, with two bungalows in the back garden. Interesting in that back garden development, although prevalent several years ago, became subject of new planning legislation post 2010 to make it very difficult to get through.

Planning application PL/2015/50173/ refers to the ‘Demolition of existing dwelling (No. 264 Creynolds Lane) and erection of 3 No. dwellings and associated works’ and can be found via this link (hopefully)

My objections are recorded and can be viewed on the planning portal (you will need to register first). Essentially I have objected on the following grounds:

Proposed development would be out of context, since it would appear intrusive and conflict with the spacious layout of properties in Creynolds Lane.

Increased lighting, especially in the rear of 264 Creynolds Lane would be out of character and adversely affect all other properties that face the new plots/dwellings.

The buildings would be out of character with other properties in the vicinity.

The layout provides inadequate manoeuvring spaces to cater for the needs of vehicles servicing the three properties. This would lead to pressure for on-street parking in Creynolds Lane.

Too high density for the plot (back garden grabbing).

The proposed development will lead to further over-development of the area.

The proposed houses are too close to existing houses backing onto the rear and will block light.

 Approval of the proposed development would set a precedent for building further properties in back gardens along Creynolds Lane.

I have been in contact with many residents that will be affected by the development, even meeting 9 residents at The Saxon Pub the week before last.

One of the main issues for me is if this is allowed then what will Creynolds Lane become if all other properties are allowdd to build bungalows or houses in their back gardens. I am very pleased council officers have already made objectiosn known on the site stating;  ‘failure to meet the provisions within Policy P15: Securing Design Quality which requires development to be safe from the fear of crime, it also states that development should conserve and enhance the local character with regards to density and layout’  and ‘The proposal for a gated development is out of character with the properties on Creynolds Lane and the rural setting, therefore I object to this element of the proposals.’ These comments can be viewed on the planning portal.

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