I recently attended a briefing by council officers in respect of an idea to establish two ‘Soups’ in Solihull; one in north and one in the south of the borough. The project follows on from Detroit Soup, ‘A monthly dinner funding micro grants for creative projects in the community’. More can be found on their website: http://detroitsoup.com/about/

Three Trees in Chelmund Cross is working on establishing the first one and knowing the team there I know it will be a great success. Dickens Heath has been identified as another area where a start-up may be successful. The idea is then to grow similar projects in any community in Solihull that wishes to run one. It will not be ‘run’ by the borough or parish council. If you read through the Detroit Soup website you will see it is community run for the benefit of the community. Creativity is the key word and it is important bureaucracy is kept to an absolute minimum.

2010 dinner time by kate daughdrill

I have posted a piece on the local Facebook group ‘The Only Way is Dickens’ (some 1,200 members) and have liaised with the management board of the Village Hall (and will do so with the parish council). I await comments and will strive to support this venture in any way I can. I would hope to replicate this in Monkspath.

I have posted here a guide on how we can set this up:  HOW TO SOUP Neighborhood Document (2)

What are your thoughts? Do you feel this can be a great benefit to the community?

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