I attended the users group meeting with the committee officers on Monday (14th). A brief report from the meeting is as follows:

As a result of a request from myself the Council’s Neighbourhood budget donated £2,500 towards the cost of a new boiler. The boiler has now been installed and the committee thanked the Council for its donation. There was also a brilliant donation from Monkspath Women’s Institute. This went towards the renovation of the kitchen.

The accounts are looking better with savings being made through more effective centre management. All utilities are being managed better, especially the water bill (now that a tap has been repaired).

The centre has got £500 worth of paint from B&Q and a team from the Phoenix Group (on Blythe Valley Park) is going to undertake the decorating of the centre as part of their voluntary work. However, this Sunday (27th) we are looking for volunteers to help clean the hall, especially getting blue tack etc from walls before painting.

Looking forward to Autumn, we hope to have another car wash (the car wash and table top sale held in May raised about £1,000).

Salim chair of the centre community, stated the community pull has certainly helped get the centre back on track.

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