Residents who use this road hardly need to be reminded by these photographs but there are obviously issues here.

On Monday morning I joined Matt Gardner, SMBC Neighbourhood Officer and Highway Inspector, when he undertook his latest inspection. I also asked along Angela Hutchinson who had raised this stretch of road on this forum (it might be the first time a resident has been present at a road inspection and I thank Matt for agreeing to this).

In short: extra warning cones and signage will be placed on this stretch, especially near the worst areas. Some had been placed but it appears these might have been moved when local farmers drained their ditches recently. One of the issues is the wet weather has helped erode the verges and this in turn leads to the seemingly widening of the road, but in effect the tarmac ends and the soil erodes. The council have undertaken to put some hardcore down but this is pushed away by traffic easily.

Work will be done to repair the larger holes but the road surface will not be resurfaced until all the development works have been completed.

The bye-word must be – take care on this road, especially in the dark. I have asked about the possibility of having a temporary speed restriction, say of 20mph along this part of Rumbush Lane, however, I do not know how the legal niceties of this would work.

The road will continue to be inspected over the Christmas period and I will pop along as well.


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