Quite a bit of mess was left in Hillfield Park and Local Nature Reserve yesterday by school leavers. I am informed some Alderbrook School pupils broke up after exams yesterday so residents are quite naturally pointing fingers at them.

I have taken a few photographs and put together a grainy video (to music ‘A Walk In The Park’) to highlight the mess, which included sweet/food wrappers as well a vodka bottles and empty lager/cider cans. The video can be viewed via this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0N6kyBuNM9E

I am writing to the head teacher at the school to make staff aware of the issue and suggest the school adopts a clean up regime of the park following exams, or stop the practice of creating mayhem for residents and park users. This is a simple problem and unless schools ignore it then a solution can be found.

One suggestion is that Year 10 pupils come to the park to clean up the mess. They might then recognise how their behaviour when leaving next year might impact on people. I will leave that to the school but I will expect support from school leaders; not just from Alderbrook but from any secondary school where pupils create problems at years end.


  1. Hi Ken,

    Yes I did notice the mess today and wondered what had hit the park!. Your remedial suggestion is a very good one and I hope the school(s) concerned rise to their responsibilities.

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