TIDBURY GREEN FARM – Planning Application

I have just looked at the application which can be found on the Councils planning portal via this link: http://publicaccess.solihull.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=summary&keyVal=O9MJI8OEFTT00

There is a lot to go through and I have posted some of the major files/reports that go with the application here: PL_2016_01738_PPRM-BOUNDARY_TREATMENT_LAYOUT-546670PL_2016_01738_PPRM-COVER_LETTER-546194PL_2016_01738_PPRM-ECOLOGICAL_ASSESSMENT-548020PL_2016_01738_PPRM-ECOLOGICAL_REPORT-546109PL_2016_01738_PPRM-LANDSCAPE_MASTERPLAN-546041PL_2016_01738_PPRM-OPEN_SPACE_SKETCH_SCHEME-546044PL_2016_01738_PPRM-PLANNING_STATEMENT-546111PL_2016_01738_PPRM-SITE_LOCATION_PLAN-546107

I will make further comment when I have assessed the application and discussed it with Tidbury Green Parish Council and local residents.

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