Solihull Together for Better Lives

Solihull Together for Better Lives is a partnership of local health and social care organisations that have joined together under the banner Solihull Together for better lives. Click on the hyperlink to visit their website.

Over the next five years they aim make the kind of changes that will really make a difference to people living in Solihull:

  • We will support you and your family so that you are better able to look after yourselves
  • We will work with you to make sure you’re getting the right care and support
  • We will provide you with care where it’s best for you
  • We will reduce the number of people who end up in hospital unnecessarily, or find themselves in a home for long-term care.

They work in partnership with Solihull Council, Solihull NHS Clinical Commissioning Group, Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust, plus others in the region serving the borough.

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