Solihull’s annual rough sleeper estimate

Solihull Council is encouraging members of the public to support its annual rough sleeper estimate.  The Council, along with a number of local authorities in the West Midlands, is planning to submit this year’s rough sleeper estimate for the evening of Thursday 10 November 2016. This will take into account reports made between Monday 7 and Friday 11 November.

We are asking members of the public to inform it of any person sleeping rough in Solihull via the Streetlink reporting mechanism at: or 0300 500 0914.

A Press release has been made – Councillor Ken Hawkins, Cabinet Member for Environment, Housing & Regeneration, said: “I encourage residents to report any rough sleepers, so we can provide an accurate return to government and more importantly, make sure that anyone sleeping rough in Solihull is aware of the support that is on offer to help them off the streets.”

The number of people who sleep rough in Solihull is small and those that choose to are in regular contact with support services.

Since 2010 Solihull Council has submitted estimates based on extensive consultation with local partners. The estimates have been between 3 and 6 people sleeping rough on the chosen night.

These estimates are forwarded to the Government for inclusion in the annual statistical release which evaluates the extent of rough sleeping in England; this can be viewed online at:

Anyone sleeping rough in Solihull can, if they want it, access a dedicated support service to help them to find suitable accommodation and address wider needs.

Those rough sleepers who do not wish to receive help at a particular time will be monitored and reminded of what is available should they change their minds.

For more information on how to report concerns about a rough sleeper visit:

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