Extra Care Housing Development, Chelmsley Wood

An interesting report came to Solihull Cabinet last week, with cabinet being asked to ‘approve the development of an affordable ‘extra care’ housing development at Marlene Croft, Chelmsley Wood, being partof the former Coleshill Primary School site’. The full report can be read here: http://eservices.solihull.gov.uk/mgInternet/documents/s43012/EXTRA%20CARE%20HOUSING%20DEVELOPMENT%20CHELMSLEY%20WOOD.pdf

This is a significant investment by the Council with £1.400m of the total cost coming from Section 106 payments received from other developments around the borough. I stress this point because it is useful I feel to point out this money, paid over under legal terms to the council, is sometimes used throughout the borough itself. We do have similar schemes in the south of the borough but no social/affordbale ‘extra care’ homes in the north of the borough.

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