Solihull residents are being warned not to use ‘cowboy builders’ or rogue traders to repair or clean up after any damage caused by storm Doris.

Trading Standards officers at Solihull Council are issuing the advice before high winds are expected to work their way through the borough today, possibly bringing down fences, trees and damaging roofs.
There is concern that dishonest traders will take advantage of the situation to ‘rip off’ vulnerable residents.

We would advise residents to look out for vulnerable family members, friends and neighbours who can easily fall victim to rogue trader tactics. Traders who knock on your door or only leave you a mobile number may not have a permanent address and you will not be able to contact them if problems arise.
Trading Standards advise people to speak to their insurance companies before engaging anyone to carry out repair work and to approach businesses approved by the insurers.

Further message from SMBC:  Today we expect there to be some local damage during the storm. Because of this we will be prioritising emergency work. Other work such as smaller debris across roads etc will be attended to in due course, but may take longer than usual.

To report any major issues – for example trees or large branches in roads or flooding please call our contact centre on 0121 704 8000.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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