Bogus Callers

This is a message sent to me via WMNow. This information has been sent on behalf of West Mids Police

Good afternoon Ken Hawkins, We have had posts on social media in Solihull today saying that residents have had callers at the door stating that they were from a Telecom Company. They gave the reason for their visit as a problem with the home router. The homeowner checked with their internet provider and they did not have an engineer in the area carrying out this type of work.They did not let the caller in.

Please talk to your family and friends about ‘Doorstep Crime’

Five Tips For Doorstep Safety

  1. Stop – Look through a window or spy- hole before opening the door. Are you expecting anyone? Do you know them ? YOU DON’T HAVE TO ANSWER THE DOOR ! A genuine caller will be in touch to make an appointment.
  2. Check – If you do go to the door ask who they are, what they want and to prove their identity. Always check identity cards/badges carefully. Utility companies operate a password system so that you can be sure that the person at your door is who they say they are. To check ID always call a number from a phonebook not from the caller at the door
  3. Display a sign in your door saying ‘No Cold Calling’. If someone calls you can point to the sign without answering the door.
  4. If someone calling at your home states that they are a Police Officer (in uniform or plain clothes), if you are not expecting  a visit and not sure they are genuine call 101 to check.
  5. If the caller refuses to leave when asked call the Police on 101 or 999 if you feel threatenedLock all outer doors before going to the front door.’ Bogus official burglars’ often work  together, one keeps you talking at the front door whilst another gets through an insecure back door.

2 thoughts on “Bogus Callers

  1. Hi Ken,
    In recent weeks, here in Monkspath, I’ve had two occasions where a pair of people at the door have said they are looking for “Portuguese speakers”. Seemed a somewhat strange quest to me but could be entirely above board I suppose.

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