Telecoms Mast – Stratford Road

Planning application PL/2017/01792/PNTC relates to the proposal for a telecoms mast on Stratford Road near to the entrance to Shirley Golf Club. The full application and important documents can be viewed via this link to the councils planning portal:


Ward councillors received prior notification several weeks ago and I recall that the current base station within the golf club itself was due for renewal/upgrade and Shirley Golf Club did not wish to renew their contract, therefore the mast and base station is being re-sited just outside the club premises on the main Stratford Road, on the side of the club, near its entrance.

You will note this is a joint application, between Vodafone Ltd and Telefonica UK, this is in accordance with our policy to ensure these masts are shared by operators to prevent too many being established. Details can be found in their application letter: Mast Application letter

I am pretty relaxed about this application but do seek your views in case there is something I have missed. The consultation period expires on 1 August.


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