Rogue ‘recycling bins’ – Monkspath

I just happened to be near the school chatting to a resident the other day when we noticed a blue van roll up, park outside the green recycling bin (unlawfully placed) and the two occupants get out to empty the bin of its contents.


The bin is strategically placed to encourage people to think it is a bone fide recycling bin when it is actually a rogue one, with the contents sold off for personal gain of the owners. In short, this is criminal activity and akin to those who steal the plastic bags we leave out for charity clothing collections (reports state that just 1 in every 4 bags actually got to the intended charity).

This video doesn’t exist

You can see from he image above the practice seems to be lucrative with lots of material collected from this bin and plenty more in the rear of the van. More images below:

I will be pasting a message on the bin to inform people it a rogue bin and that they could take their goods to the may charity shops in the area (many take rags as these also have a value). I have also requested the removal of this bin by council officers as soon as possible.



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