Blythe Ward bus services

This post is really specific to the S2 and S3 Buses, which service Cheswick Green, Dickens Heath and Tidbury Green. However, the principle of making a complaint to TfWM is important because they can not take action or always be aware of an issue if not informed.

Diamond bus

These services, to Cheswick Green, Dickens Heath and Tidbury Green are essential to these areas and services that are subsidised because of the reliance on them by many people. I have received several complaints, via social media and email and we need to ensure these services reflect the needs of residents in these rural/less accessible locations.

Reports of breakdowns of buses seem regular and brings into question to service providers sustainability and readiness to overcome problems that are foreseeable and can be planned for.

There have been quite a few name changes to the authority overseeing bus services in recent years and I still do refer to WMPTE and Centro. In fact it is now the West Midlands Combined Authority that runs these services under ‘Transport for the West Midlands’ (TfWM).

I have been in contact with TfWm who are already on the case and are monitoring these services. I know from previously contact that they take our complaints seriously. You are ale to contact TfWM via this link:


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