Having been in contact with Transport for West Midlands (TfWM), speaking directly with an officer, Kieron Bridges, I can report the following in relation to the bus services to Cheswick Green, Dickens Heath and Tidbury Green (as well as other areas that rely on the S2 and S3 services).

Because residents had already made some complaints to TfWM they were already on the case. Problems specifically with these Diamond services are not new and they have already begun a system of monitoring. This usually entails an inspection of the services at various times of the day/week.

TfWM want people to report when services do fail. Residents do appreciate that when there has been heavy snow etc then a bit of lee-way is made, but when there is seemingly regular service disruption, possibly because of maintenance issues, then this should not be tolerated.

Diamond, which run the services, are obliged to inform TfWM when they can not provide a service and they will forfeit some of the monies paid to them to run this subsidised service. However, this is mainly a self reporting mechanism and TfWM have to rely on Diamond and any reports from residents.

I have details capture from previous posts and am more than willing to act as a conduit to report any failures of the system so please continue to post on the respective Facebook groups (which I do monitor daily) or to me directly via khawkins@solihull.gov.uk . You can of course report them yourself to TfWM via customerservices@tfwm.org.uk

These subsidised services are up for retender before October this year and I will make representations, seeking that any service provider ensure they have the ability to replace services that breakdown in an efficient manner. Any service run must be sustainable and I will require more stringent conditions than are in place at present.

I hope this post helps explain things. Please do not hesitate to get back to me.

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