Flooding Issues in Ward

Above are a few videos I took of flood water taken mostly on Easter Monday, 3 April 2019, whilst below is a montage of images taken the same days. They show areas of Cheswick Green and Dickens Heath. If you select each image it will give more information but for brevity:

The Cheswick Green ones were taken at the rear of houses in Saxon Wood Road; both sides of the bridge in Creynolds Lane and the rear of gardens off Willow Drive (taken from the footpath on Watery Lane – a clue).

The Dickens  Heath ones were taken in Rumbush Lane near to Cleobury Lane and Braggs Farm Road.

The purpose of showing these photographs is to show the scenes for further examination in the coming weeks. There has been a deluge in recent weeks, even before Christmas and even weather presenters referred to rain over the Easter period as being of ‘Biblical Proportion.’

I know some people will be quick to blame the housing developments nearby as the cause of all this flooding. However, I contend that the extensive flood attenuation works completed as a result of conditions for the Cheswick Place development has in fact helped address the situation and helped to prevent more extensive flooding of gardens, especially in Cheswick Green. Here there is more than  a few comments from Cheswick Green residents to support this view.

However, if I lived nearby I would want to know for sure, or as sure as it could be. I therefore have taken the photographs to convene  meeting in the coming weeks with the councils Flood Protection Officers and people from Bloor Homes (who have developed the nearby Cheswick Place development). We need to examine the effect to determine if there a need for further intervention, especially with further developments in the wider area proposed.

I will feedback following these meetings.



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