Creynolds Lane – junction works

I wish to update residents in relation to the proposed works, which will create a right-turn from Creynolds Lane onto the Stratford Road (A34). There is understandably some unease at the disruption this will cause whilst works are taking place, with the section of the road closed for several weeks.

The intended works are not a new proposal and I do understand that many might not have been aware. The works are a result of conditions set when the application for further development on Blythe Valley Park went before the council’s planning committee almost two years ago, on 30 November 2016. The pressures on Creynolds Lane was brought up by many people in the consultation and representations to planning committee.

The full report to planning committee can be read here: PL201600863MAOOT – Blythe Valley Park Blythe Gate . However, I have taken a screen shot of the paragraph that relates to the junction itself: Creynolds Lane screen shot

The report cites the rationale for the improved works at the junction was to ensure a direct and reliable public transport system between BVP and Cheswick Green local centre and the Primary School. During consultation prior to the meeting many people had commented on the issue that Creynolds Lane already had a severe back log of traffic at peak times.

It is highlighted that new stopping delays would be incurred for west bound traffic (from Shirley to the M42 island) but this would be partly outweighed by the removal of vehicles undertaking a ‘U’ turn at the island at Monkspath Hall Rd after turning from Creynolds Lane. Data from two years ago indicated 168 vehicles doing this in the morning peak time and 147 during the evening.

The works are being undertaken by IM Properties at no cost to the council.

I have attached drawings/plans of the intended works.

You will note that a ‘feeder lane’ has been created for traffic turning left into Creynolds Lane from Stratford Road and the existing right turn feeder lane remains.

Following posting this I was informed the images were difficult to read. These links may help: BVP_-_Site_Works_Update

A description of the works is shown in this document:

Description of works.PNG


4 thoughts on “Creynolds Lane – junction works

  1. I have been advised that Solihull Council have approved plans for houses at the rear of Shirley golf course and the Premier inn and that Bloor Homes are paying for the road improvements at Creynolds Lane/Stratford Road. Is this true and is nothing to do with Blythe Valley

    1. I don’t know who advised you Liz but they are only half correct. No houses where you mention (and no others apart from Blythe Valley Park) but the road improvements are paid for by the developers. No application to build at rear of the golf course.

  2. The clown who has introduced a 100 Mtr third lane on the Stratford Road….(Shirley Bound) outside the Plough Inn….can not be a motorist. Forget about motorist behaviour making this absurd useless stretch of road work. I have witnessed several near comings together of vehicles whilst walking along this road. It was not needed and will only cause foreseeable problems.

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