Dickens Heath – Community Facility

A report before the cabinet member next week seeks approval for the progress of a new Community Facility in Dickens Heath to move forward for consideration through the planning process. The report is agenda item 5 and can be viewed via this link: http://eservices.solihull.gov.uk/mgInternet/ieListDocuments.aspx?CId=612&MId=7233

The report is self explanatory and shows the history of the process and consultations to date: Dickens Heath Community Facility There is also a indicative site plan showing where the facility is to be placed Dickens Heath Community Facility Site

Once the decision to progress has been made a full joint planning application will be made by Solihull Council and Dickens Heath School. The planning application will publish detailed plans and highlight how the facility will be governed.

The report does contain a lot of information but more precise details will come in due course.

3 thoughts on “Dickens Heath – Community Facility

    1. It’s been a long time coming David but a planning application will follow early in the New Year so hopefully the facility will be up and running after summer.

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