PAVEMENT PARKING – A solution on its way?

I was asked a question at full council this week about responsibility for various scenarios of parking; on double yellow lines, on pavement, across drives and use of the Blue Badge.

This a scourge in our societies and although its something most, if not all, of us have done in the past it is something that is a major problem in our communities. It is also an issue that many councillors receive complaints about.

The simple answer is that since parking offences became decriminalised it has been the responsibility of local authorities to enforce parking on yellow lines. It is still the case though that Police are responsible for the enforcement of obstruction of the highway, which includes footpaths. This is acknowledged in a House of Commons report:

No national policy

The House of Commons published a briefing paper last month and it is shared here: Pavement Parking . If you want to know about parking issues you need to read through this ‘easy to read’ publication.

What does come out of it is that following a House of Commons Transport Committee meeting last year, a recommendation that a ban on pavement parking should be implemented across England (the work did not continue due to the calling of the General Election):

2019 Recommendation

The committee finally recommended the government consult on a new offence of obstructive pavement parking:

New offenceI fully support this and will encourage our local Members of Parliament to raise this with their parliamentary colleagues. Hopefully we can get some legislation this year.

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