Micro Pub – Dickens Heath?

Another curious planning application in Blythe ward. An application has been submitted to replace the former William Hill betting shop, at 73 Main Street with a micro pub.

There isn’t too much to go on and not many documents to look at on the councils planning portal but they are shared here: PL-2020-00323-COU 

The short planning statement is shown below:

OutlineObviously the applicant feels there is a market for such a business, but so did William Hill but with several other licensed premises o Main Street there will be stiff competition if this is successful.

I seek residents views please.

One thought on “Micro Pub – Dickens Heath?

  1. This micro pub could be an interesting and quirky addition to the varied restaurants and pubs that already exist in the village. There would probably be no detriment to the village as it would be between two existing licences premises and as it is small would not cause a nuisance . It was also provide competition and hence remove complacency from existing premises. I believe it should be approved such that market forces decide if it is viable or not.

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