COVID 19 – Emergency Walking and Cycling Strategy

Following the recent government announcement for funding to local authorities to help promote and support safe active modes of sustainable travel a report coming to my Cabinet Decision Session next Thursday (28th) looks at measures to address the need for safer pedestrian and cycling in the borough.

The officers introductory report outlines the purpose and rationale: COVID19 – Emergency Walking and Cycling Measures  The report highlights then need for an Action Plan and the prioritisation of schemes. It is clear this is detailed work.

To accompany the report are three Appendices.

Appendix A is the Councils ‘Covid 19 -Emergency Active Travel Draft Strategy’: Appendix A – COVID19 Emergency Active Travel Draft Strategy This document clearly highlights the possible timetables (as indicated by the government) and the possible local authoriy measures in response.

Appendix B  is the ‘Proposed Interventions 2020/21: Appendix B – Highways Management Proposed Recovery Interventions PRINT .. You will note the prioritisation (following the rag rating – red, amber, green – with green likely to be achieved soonest). Here there are 13 schemes with details in the document.

Finally, Appendix C is a document ‘Cycling and Walking Schemes for Future Development’ : Appendix C – Cycling and Walking Schemes for Future Development

I would certainly value any comments from any quarter. Cllr Bob Grinsell has already mentioned to me the benefit of involving the various Cycling Groups in the borough, especially the brilliant Solihull Cycling Club and the many cycling outlets we have.

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