Solihull Council unveils designs for its Low Carbon Energy Centre

:Solihull Council is sharing design concepts for a new Energy Centre to be sited next to Tudor Grange Leisure Centre. The Energy Centre will be the beating heart of a planned network which will generate and deliver affordable low carbon heat and power to Solihull town centre buildings.

The energy centre will provide a range of renewable and low carbon energy solutions including Air Source Heat Pumps and gas Combined Heat and Power. The proposed energy network will be able to provide heat and power to public and private sector customers, including Council owned buildings, education campuses and commercial offices.

Please visit the link below to find out more and access a survey you may feel you wish to comment on:

Solihull Town Centre Energy Network |

Energy Centre design document.pdf (

2 thoughts on “Solihull Council unveils designs for its Low Carbon Energy Centre

  1. Waste of tax payers money. Try sorting out China’s made thirst for coal fired power stations first. The UK is responsible for about 1% of global carbon emissions.

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