Solihull LDP – What Next?

This is the third post to complement the previous two regarding the LDP review.

Following the completion of the representation period all responses will be reviewed, documented, and prepared ready for the inclusion with eh submission document. A Planning Inspector will be appointed to undertake the examination (in public) of the draft plan and this will include a series of hearing.

Other than to deal with any legal deficiencies in the duty to cooperate the inspector can suggest potential main modifications to the plan in order for it to be sound. If main modifications are proposed, then there will be an opportunity for these to be published to seek views on their soundness.

At the conclusion of the examination the Inspector issues her/his final reports which then allows the council to adopt the plan if it is found to be sound and legally compliant.

The above is not likely to be concluded until Summer 2021 at the earliest.

Previous consultations:

I stress here that some have suggested the draft plan has been rushed and needs more time to consider it. This is really a nonsense suggestion and can only harm the borough if a five-year housing supply can not be identified because the council has not made attempts to publish a plan.

As mentioned previously, a draft plan was published in November 2016 : Draft Local Plan – November 2016 ( and a Summary of representations following the consultation can be found here: Draft Local Plan – Summary of Representations  – July 2017

Draft Local Plan – Summary of Representations ( . A guide to specific sites can be found on page3

A further draft plan was published in January 2019 – Draft Local Plan Supplementary Consultation Summary of Representations – July 2019

Draft Local Plan Supplementary Consultation – Summary of Representations (

Representations regarding sites within Blythe ward can be read from pages 54 to 58.

Therefore, the council considers the plan has been drafted over a period of time and not rushed., with residents and groups being able to comment of the proposals, which saw amendments during this period.

I feel it is essential I make representations to the Planning Inspector at her/his examination in public, to ensure the very best infrastructure requirements and conditions for residents are achieved. We may not be able to achieve this by putting all our efforts into opposing the proposals. You can see for the ‘Call for sites’ map how much land was put forward in Blythe ward for development and there are many sites that would impact on residents far greatly than those within the draft plan. It is essential any attempt to increase sites in the ward are blocked and we can best achieve that by helping to shape those identified in the plan and ensure they help serve the needs of existing residents and our future new residents.

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