I thought it may be useful to apprise you as to where we are with the two applications.

Firstly, might help to remind you of the respective applications.

Application PL/2015/51409/PPOL refers to the application near to Junction 5 of M42 and application PL/2016/02754/MAJFOT refers to one near junction 4. Both applications can be found via the council planning portal where a wealth of documents for each application can be read: Search for Planning and Building Control applications |

In addition, you may find updates about the progress of the applications on my website, of which this is one: Motorway Service Area – Ken Hawkins ( . There is also the petition I submitted in objecting to the application at Junction 4 : Petition · Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council: Stop Motorway Service Area at Junction 4 M42 · . You can also search for previous posts via the drop down menu on this website.

The documentation for both planning applications indicate that Highways England have removed any holding directions and we are close to the matters coming to Solihull Planning Committee. I am happy that both the West Midlands Combined Authority Mayor, Andy Street and Meriden MP, Saqib Bhatti, have registered their objections.

Once the date has been set I will report back.

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