Reusing quality and working goods

A question to me at yesterdays full council asked about plans for Solihull to have a resuse shop at our household waste and recycling centre (HWRC).

Because of constraints at our site in Bickenhill this is not possible but we will be looking to discuss such a set up with our preferred bidder for the new Strategic Environment Contract when appointed (later this year). This in all probability will also be when we have identified a new site for the HWRC and depot.

However, the question causes me to help identify measures we all adopt when we have goods that are suitable for others to use when we no longer need them. is a charity on social media that is about resuse and keeping good stuff out of landfills’.

Residents could also advertise free or for sale items on local Facebook/Marketplace sites, as well as local shop windows. I was able to give an unwanted used dishwasher away this way and was very pleased it wasn’t taken to the tip when it still had a bit of life left in it.

In addition, yesterday I received an email from British Heart Foundation (which I have posted here).

As well as taking furniture BHF offers a FREEPOST service for smaller items, including jewelry clothing and much more.

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