Consultation has begun on speed limits within the borough and that relevance to Blythe ward, especially Cheswick Green, Dickens Heath and Illshaw Heath.

In short, the proposal is to secure a 20mph speed limit within Cheswick Green and Dickens Heath Villages and to establish a 30 mph limit on some associated roads (Creynolds Lane/Illshaw Heath Road).

The maps for Cheswick Green and Dickens Heath can be found here:

The consultation can be found here and it is important as many people have their say (scroll down the page to Speed Limits Review (20, 30 and 40mph Maximum Speed Limits) : https://www.solihull.gov.uk/Roads-pavements-and-streetcare/Traffic-regulation-orders

I have provided the maps for some areas and notices that accompany the consultation.


In accordance with Department for Transport guidance, it is expected that the Council as the Local Highway Authority keep speed limits under review with changing circumstances and gives consideration to the introduction of more 20 mph limits and zones, over time, in urban areas and built-up village streets that are primarily residential.

This is an opportunity to have a say on road safety matters in our areas. I fully support this consultation and hope residents will support the proposals.

18 thoughts on “SPEED LIMIT CONSULTATIONS – Solihull

  1. Definitely would agree with reduced speeds and traffic calming measures throughout Dickens Heath due to many incidences of speeding vehicles around the village especially at night.

    1. Who will be there to enforce it, clearly not enforced at present so dropping the numbers will mean night time speeding stops?

  2. I support this as I endeavour several instances of vehicles doing improper speed in Tythe Barn Lane. Current traffic calming measures aren’t enough. I am surprised the speed cushions didn’t extend past Three Arches Lane to the junction with Dickens Heath Road.

  3. Would like to see the whole of Dickens Heath a 20mph zone. Quite worried about the forthcoming double yellow lines planned for Dickens Heath Road by the Green as without parked cars there is nothing stopping cars flying through. Speed humps and restrictions should be installed at the same time.

  4. A bit surprised that this does not include the large area in Dickens Heath upto Whitlocks End Station that is in the local plans for future development. Also why is there no crossing point near to the School?

  5. This is an excellent idea for Cheswick Green, the speed of some drivers is beyond belief. It will probably not be popular, but the safety of our children (and the miserable old beggars like me) needs serious consideration. The inevitable problem will be policing it.

  6. I wholly support the need for the slower speed on Salter Street. It seems madness it has taken until now given there is a primary school on that stretch.

  7. 20mph is great for Cheswick!!
    Going to be occasions vehicles will be doing 0mph with parking on corner of Snowshill Drive which nothing gets done about.

  8. Salter Street needs urgent review 40 outside a school is not acceptable we have seen accidents here how long until it’s a child.

    Please review this area and also stop vehicles driving into the ditches to force through traffic.

  9. As a Dickens Heath resident: The present problem isn’t really the speed limit as sensible people keep to and usually well below 30mph around DH. The problem is those who not only completely ignore the present speed limit but also ignore what their brain should be telling them. Unless there is an enforced traffic calming scheme, other than just relying on parked cars which only adds to the danger created by those who have a disregard for safety, they will continue to ignore the SL no matter what it is. Living at the very south end of the proposed Rumbush Lane route I know that a lot of the speeding traffic on that route is through traffic using DH as a rat run to Stratford Road. I frequently pull off my drive with nothing in sight to the south and turn north towards Stratford Rd, often before 100mtrs has been covered in the rear view mirror I will see a car appear at speed. Ignoring the 30mph signs and speed table it will continue at speed until filling my rear view mirror and then agressively drive that way trying to push my speed up through DH.

  10. As a Dickens Heath resident, I agree that additional measures need to be put in place to enforce the speed limits.

    However I think speed bumps (which stretch across the whole road rather than a hump in the middle) would be much better than the chicanes on Tythe Barn Lane, which cause traffic to be backed up and cause unnecessary blockages when bad drivers don’t know when to give way.

    A good place for these would be along the stretch by the green where the yellows are about to be put in, so speed can be controlled without restricting the lanes. A pedestrian crossing here would also help.

    1. Generally agree but speed cushions rather than humps or speed tables across the whole carriageway are often necessary so as to not restrict highway drainage.

  11. The speed limit change in Cheswick – would be good if this applied to the new build Bloor homes too. Speed is a constant issue as people from the main village use it as a rat run. The speed limit change outside St Patricks on Salter Street is also definitely needed – there was an accident not long ago – 40mph outside a school with not much pavement is dangerous. No idea why it has never been changed before to be honest!

  12. In support of a lower speed limit. Would also be good if there were speed bumps heading towards the zebra crossing in either direction.

  13. I applaud the 20mph speed limit outside schools in Solihull but feel there should be a blanket limit on all schools. I live in Hazeloak road close to Hazeloak special school and feel there should be a 20mph . Cars regularly break the current 30mph the congestion caused by school staff parking all day and the dropping off and picking up of pupils make for a dangerous situation an accident waiting to happen. Further I would support 20mph replacing the existing 30mph. I would be glad to hear your thoughts. Regards Malcolm

  14. I would definitely support a 20mph speed restriction within Dickens Heath. I see far too many near misses on narrow streets. Particularly on the walk to school. Hopefully it would make people generally more aware

  15. Most drivers in Dickens Heath drive at these speeds already, so I don’t see an issue with the limit change. But thought does need to be given to surrounding roads / villages also, all the more with these proposals as drivers are exiting a 20mph zone into a higher limit, may need reminding that they still need to drive with care.
    Why have a 20mph limit on Birchy Leasowes going into a 40mph zone on Tilehouse Lane at an unsafe junction? Tilehouse Lane needs to be 30mph from Majors Green down to Tidbury Green, with speed bumps added to enforce the limit. Vehicles fly down this road well over the limit.
    Take dickens heath road from dickens heath to tidbury green past the school – there are already speed bumps here by the school. Why isn’t this being considered also?

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