Four in 10 trust councils, survey finds

The positive of this survey is that local government, as well as many other public services, need to do more to communicate, consult and engage with local communities. I know that sometimes residents may not like decisions, but appreciate being informed and have the opportunity to engage.

I have pasted this from a report:

‘Just four out of 10 UK residents trust local government compared to 80% who trust the NHS, according to an inaugural survey of attitudes to public services.

But the UK Trust in Government Survey, part of an international study commissioned and coordinated by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), found only 35% of the UK population trusted national Government.

Some 42% of the population reported trusting local government, 55% trusted the civil service while the NHS was the most trusted public service at 80%.

Only 20% of the UK population reported trust in the political parties.

Half the UK population felt it was likely they would have an opportunity to voice their views if a decision affecting their community was to be made by their local authority, higher than the OECD average of 41%.

The figures reflect the population’s use of their public services, with 80% telling the survey, conducted earlier this year, they had used the NHS in the previous 12 months while only 3% had accessed social services.’

One thought on “Four in 10 trust councils, survey finds

  1. Thank you for sharing the survey results, but I am not surprised. Everything the Council does appears to be a “done deal” and residents aren’t properly informed that consultation is even taking place. My own experiences over recent years, show that consultation and feedback are a waste of time. Writing on behalf of many residents doesn’t even make the slightest difference. Until you communicate better, listen and act on the concerns of residents, you will continue to get poor results from surveys.

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