Welham Croft Planning Application – Appeal by developers is successful

I received notification from the Planning Inspectorate that the appeal against the Council’s refusal has been won by the developers Cameron Homes. The decision report is attached, as is the original report that went before SMBC’s Planning Committee. I am really gutted and have made my feelings quite clear to the local newspapers, who I hope print my press release. I  have attempted so far to keep any politics out of this website but as the original application was supported by the LibDem members on the planning committee, contrary to the advice from the council’s planning officers, I have to register my angst here. When was the last time councillors voted to build homes on open space when officers recommended refusal? The mind boggles.

  Anyway, time to move on. I will now work with agencies and residents to ensure what is left is retained and made into a useful ameniety for residents of Monkspath.  Appeal Decision Report     Planning Application for Welham Croft

One thought on “Welham Croft Planning Application – Appeal by developers is successful

  1. Interesting review on town planning consultancy. Obviously there are many planning consultants. How do planning consultants decide the costs of Planning Appeals and does it depend on the type of appeal? I only ask because of our current refused planning application for a side extension to our house.


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